Do you suffer from large amount of fat above your penis? Does your penis hide under a fat pad? You have to see Dr. Tajkarimi!

In men, large mons pubis can pull the penis into the body and create problems with sexual intercourse.

Dr. Tajkarimi will perform painless office awake liposuction of the unsightly mons fat and use state-of-the-art BodyTite RFA technology in less than an hour to remove all the fat and make the area nice and flat and tighten your skin, This offer much less invasive option than monsplasty with faser recovery and to incision. You will be very comfotable and awake listening to your favorite music. Nitrous analgesia is avaiable on demand for a very safe and pleasant experience.

Dr. Tajkarimi is an expert in male and female body contouring and liposculpting.

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Most men take tylenol #3 for pain for 3-4 days and return to normal activities after 3 days. The skin tightening of BodyTite continues for 3 months for optimal results.
If you wish to have office mons liposuction and BotdyTite by Dr. Tajkarimi, we can offer a complimentary virtual consultation. Contact us at or call us at 703-687-3601 for details and pricing.