Vaginal Rejuvenation for your Partner

Many places & aesthetic laser spas claim to offer vaginal rejuvenation. Most have limited medical knowledge and specialty experience to fully address your feminine concerns, including effects of aging, childbirth, bladder problems, pelvic prolapse, post- hysterectomy changes & other gynecological conditions on your anatomy and sexual health. A healthy and youthful vagina, vulva & introitus (opening that leads to vaginal canal) will alleviate pelvic pain, urine leakage, burning & pain with sexual intercourse, It can eliminate most bladder infections and amplify sexual pleasure for you and your partner & much more!

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ALIA – Advanced Laser Institute of America


Dr Tajkarimi is among the busiest and most versatile urologic surgeons and sexual medicine experts in the nation.

Vaginal Health Restoration: Overcome Laxity, Urinary Leakage, Vaginal Dryness & Lack of Pleasure.
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Selected Services For Your Love

  • Vaginal Laxity & Atrophic Changes

  • Female Orgasmic Disorder

  • Female Sexual Interest Disorder

  • Vaginoplasty / Labiaplasty

  • 360 Office Awake Liposculpting

  • Femilift Vaginal Laser Therapy

  • VIVEVE® Vaginal Health Restoration

  • Spartan PRP Femme-Shot

  • Pelvic Pain Syndrome /Interstitial Cystitis

  • Female Bio-identical Hormone Replacement

  • Monsplasty / Tummy Tuck


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    Vaginal Rejuvenation for your Partner

    Vaginal Rejuvenation

    We can help women’s sexual function and sexual experience.

    Conditions we treat:

    • Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) or vulvovaginal atrophy
    • Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder
    • Female Orgasmic Disorder
    • Genitopelvic Pain/Penetration disorder (dyspareunia)
    • Contraception and Sexual Dysfunction
    • Pelvic Pain Syndrome
    • Urethral Syndrome/Female Prostatitis
    • Hymen Restoration
    • Labiaplasty / Vaginoplasty
    • 360 full body liposculpting (awake under tumescent anesthesia)

    Dr. Tajkarimi’s Other Services

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