Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing topic for some men. They find it so embarrassing that they neglect to explore solutions for bettering their sexual health. If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, it is important to know that there are non-invasive ways of treating this issue. Penis pumps are a good place to start.

What Is a Penis Pump?

In the most basic terms, a penis pump is made up of a pump that is connected to a transparent cylinder. The cylinder is placed over the penis, and then the pump is used to pull the air out of the cylinder creating a vacuum effect. The vacuum pulls blood into the penis as would occur during a typical erection. Penis pumps are also known as vacuum erection devices and vacuum constriction devices.

A Non-Invasive Solution

Penis pumps are among the safest devices to use for achieving erections. Using a penis pump does not require surgery, or the insertion of anything into the genital area. All components of the penis pump remain outside of the body.

They’re Easy to Use

With practice they can be used to effectively to create erections that can be sustained throughout sex. Most pumps are intuitive to use. Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer will ensure they are used correctly. Unlike most medical devices, penis pumps have only a few parts to operate to successfully use them. There is a very low margin for error.

Penis Pumps Are Inexpensive

Surgical solutions and drug-based solutions can be very costly to obtain. In the case of drug therapies, these costs will be lifelong. Penis pumps on the other hand offer a very inexpensive solution for erectile dysfunction by comparison.

They Can Be Used With Other Treatments

Penis pumps can be used as a supplementary solution to other methods of managing erectile dysfunction. Drug therapies, lifestyle changes and surgical solutions are not always enough on their own. Penis pumps offer a safe, non-invasive way of supporting other treatment plans.

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